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« ON » is an electronic dynamic luminous sculpture -picture created by Jean Octobon.

The independent giant equalizer screen gives a graphic retranscription of the sounds emitted in the surroundings in which it is set up.

On the dividing line between a work of art and a design object, “ON” is a picture where the observer takes on the role of actor or author; a cult design object whose purely-shaped, ultra deep and reflective dark glass plate is prompted into activity by the slightest noise or the most upbeat of musical settings.

Inspired from the hifi systems of the 80s, the sculpture falls not only within the artistic movement of “gigantism” but also the emerging trend of “electronic art”.

Spectrum Analyser

Spectrum Analyser  

« ON » is totally independent and operates with its own receiving and sound analysis device.  

It can run up to 4 hours on a battery or can be connected to the power supply.

The « ON » button is set into motion by means of an invisible sensor switch.

By simply bringing your finger into contact with the glass, an electronic bleep is released and the object is activated: whatever sounds are then emitted are graphically visible in real time.

A sensitivity setting system enables “ON” to adapt to the surrounding sound levels so that even the softest sounds are captured whilst not distorting the louder sounds. 

« ON » is available to order in various formats ranging from 8 to 32 graphic tracks.

Each copy is numbered and signed by sandblasting on the plate.